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Master Planning
Every piece of equipment, in every system, in every building has a design life. When the time comes to replace equipment or systems within your building, you have two options. You can replace like for like, or you can examine whether your equipment and systems are correctly sized for your operation and understand technologies available now that can improve efficiency, maintainability, reliability, acoustics or other factors. In master planning, JMGE brings to bear an understanding of current technology obtained by designing high performance systems and an in-depth involvement in ASHRAE technical committees where members of industry think-tanks share their ideas on the future of our industry. Through this involvement, we understand what technologies are emerging, what legislation is pending, and which way the industry best practices are moving. Combining this knowledge with an understanding of maintenance needs gleaned from close collaboration with operations teams over years of projects allows us to focus on designs that are not only leading edge and forward thinking, but maintainable and operable for the team in the daily trenches. That, however, is still not enough. A proper master plan also incorporates an understanding of financial factors such as rebate programs, depreciation models, and client internal budgeting to prepare a solution holistically optimized for a particular client.
Facility Assessments Do you know the condition of your equipment and systems? Do you know if the controls are leveraging the hardware installed? Are the controls are working as intended? Often, owners know their buildings aren’t working as they would like, but need assistance to understand why. JMGE specializes in developing an understanding of a client’s facility needs and combining those needs with code requirements, industry best practices and audits of equipment and system operation to identify opportunities to improve reliability, performance, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.
Engineering With experience ranging from office buildings to central utility plants, and data centers to blast-rated control buildings, JMGE is ready to bring our broad range of experience to bear on your facility needs. Packaged rooftop air handling units, water-cooled chillers, call centers with sit/stand desks, an HPC with water-cooled servers, adding equipment with packaged controls, or campus BMS replacements, JMGE has evaluated, engineered and commissioned it. For over 14 years, JMGE has developed relationships with manufacturers and colleagues to tackle most types commercial MEP projects. Through the mantra “Work Smarter, Not Harder”, JMGE leverages technologies such as LIDAR scanning – performed in-house with our own equipment – to survey a large percentage of our projects. This capability allows us to comprehensively document your facility in a digital world that we can revisit virtually without the need for numerous repeat site visits during design. We leverage 3D software to convey key scope requirements to our colleagues, understand real world clashes during design, and facilitate a better project with the construction team.
Commissioning No matter how well planned a project is, no matter how well engineered and constructed, you never really know how the systems will perform until you reach commissioning. Commissioning as defined in ASHRAE 90.1 and the IECC is now required for all large projects. There are many service providers who can commission building systems in accordance with the codes and ASHRAE Guideline 0. But for critical facilities or critical systems within conventional facilities, there is more to making sure the systems are “right” than code-minimum commissioning. JMGE personnel have extensive experience in commissioning Data Centers and critical Central Plants, as well as performing root-cause-analysis studies on equipment or systems failures to determine how to correct long-standing operational issues. To do so requires an intimate understanding of systems and controls, not only of the specified and built systems, but also of the internal controls of the equipment in use. An understanding of how the equipment makes its decisions brings to bear a unique perspective which allows our team to identify
J. M. Gross Engineering is a design specialist providing quality and cost effective consulting engineering and related professional services. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our client’s needs. Our service begins with an understanding of the needs of the client and the process they perform at their facility. Once we understand your needs, we work to develop a solution that fits your needs in the most efficient way possible. “Work Smarter, Not Harder”
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